• Devon Energy Center

    Oklahoma City, OK

  • Devon Energy Center

    Oklahoma City, OK

  • Devon Energy Center

    Oklahoma City, OK

Devon’s new world headquarters serves as a focal point for the company and for Oklahoma City. Characterized by civic-scaled spaces, the corporate headquarters brings Devon’s local workforce together in a single state-of-the-art facility. A six-story glass rotunda with interior balconies serves as the entrance and connecting hub for the entire complex — and a dramatic setting for special events. The five-story podium houses the conference and training centers and employee amenities. The indoor Galleria includes dining areas overlooking the new park and landscaped plazas that are key elements in the overall site strategy.

Devon Energy is a 54 story, 1.8 million square foot corporate headquarters in Oklahoma City. The tower’s height and unique three-sided footprint make it a landmark throughout greater Oklahoma City. The uppermost portion of the tower tapers slightly to enhance its proportions and to produce an elegant, soaring form. At the tower’s top, each face is chamfered to create a triangular form to reflect the sky and offer a subtly changing presence on the skyline. The highly articulated mullion system integrates solar shading and night lighting, and adds richness and texture to the exterior.

The lighting scope includes a multi-level Rotunda structure, Lobby, Podium Conference Center, Auditorium, and all base building with tenant fit-out public areas.

Two significant elements are the Curtainwall integrated lighting system, and the Building Crown feature lighting. The Landscape lighting scope includes a public park with extensive water features, planting and stone work.


Devon Energy Corporation

Architect of Record

Kendall/Heaton Associates

Design Architect

Pickard Chilton

Interior Architect


Development Manager